So, I’m loving catching up on blogging from this past year, but OH MY GOODNESS…it’s getting me so emotional! Starting with the neighborhood front porch photography project was probably not the best choice for this big time crier over here

Remember shorts and short sleeved shirts and bright sunny days? Maybe it’s the Floridian in me that will never go away, but this time of year is THE WORST! I get excited for winter to come and even embrace it for a solid month, but then it’s just never ending gray days in February and mix it with the disappointing NC weather that tells us it will snow and then only brings endless amounts of cold rain and well…I’m just done.

Good neighbors have been the only way we have made it through this past year with our sanity (somewhat) in tact. Our neighborhood is actually amazing…probably the best neighborhood ever actually (sorry to anyone who doesn’t live here with us).

It’s been almost a year since quarantine began…I started this front porch photography project a few weeks into it all and the time spent visiting families outside at a distance was truly so life giving to me

This little project is definitely a gift to myself first…hoping it spreads a little love to you as well as we continue to do our part of staying at home to keep each other healthy during this pandemic. Thank you Tobey family for doing just that and for letting me walk by and take a […]

Social distancing is HARD!!!! We are all feeling the impact of not going to work, not hanging out with our friends, not having our independent space (or if you live alone, perhaps too much space). Our family is taking it day by day while we learn to do school at home (I can’t really call […]

When I first met the Martin’s over 6 years ago…there were only 2 of them. Now there are 4 and a 5th on the way (although when these photos were taken no one knew about the baby to come yet)! Feeling pretty lucky to get to do life together with them (our kids can literally […]

New babies…new siblings…growing families…this is what I love about my job. Getting to share in these moments of “growing” with you and capturing the details of each stage is simply the best…and I don’t take it for granted. Sweet Thomas is baby #3 in the Pugh house and he sure did make for some fun […]

Have you heard of Y’all Sauce Co yet? If not, do yourself a favor and go buy some of their sauce right now! If you need a recommendation, my favorite is definitely the Come Back Sauce, but you are going to want to try them all (promise). And once you fall in love with your […]

a daily summer…

Sep 16, 2019

As a fun challenge to myself, I started a daily photo project to document life this past summer with my family. Before my oldest was born, I had a camera with me every day and was always taking photos of life as it was happening. About the time my son turned one and started walking, […]