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Apr 6, 2020

Social distancing is HARD!!!! We are all feeling the impact of not going to work, not hanging out with our friends, not having our independent space (or if you live alone, perhaps too much space). Our family is taking it day by day while we learn to do school at home (I can’t really call this homeschool because that implies that I am their teacher and I am not going to claim this title…their teachers are amazing and irreplaceable), work from home (ok…technically I do work from home, but my spouse does not and now he has taken over our bedroom upstairs as his home office), live each and every single minute of the day together with no option to not be together unless you lock yourself in the bathroom (totally guilty of doing this as my escape now, do not judge). It’s just plain hard.

We have our good moments though…we take daily family walks, one of our kids learned to ride her bike officially, we play outside a lot, we watch too much tv, we learn a little, we have dance parties, and we find little ways to connect with our friends (from a distance). And to try and keep myself feeling creative and inspired by those around me, I’ve started my own #frontporchphotography project as a way to connect with neighbors and friends (from 6 feet away). This generally happens during our family walk when we stroll (or run if you are one of my children) past a friends house. We catch up for about 5 minutes while I take a few photos to capture this time. My hope is that we find moments of joy during this time and these 5 minutes standing on the sidewalk while photographing sweet families are definitely spreading love to me.

Thank you to those families who have participated already and to the many more I hope to capture as we all continue to do our part practicing social distancing and keeping one another safe. Much love to you all!



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