front porch photography – Anchan-Simha family

Feb 21, 2021

I’m still dreaming of spring over here, especially looking back at this front porch session with the Anchan-Simha family! Remember shorts and short sleeved shirts and bright sunny days? Maybe it’s the Floridian in me that will never go away, but this time of year is THE WORST! I get excited for winter to come and even embrace it for a solid month, but then it’s just never ending gray days in February and mix it with the disappointing NC weather that tells us it will snow and then only brings endless amounts of cold rain and well…I’m just done. Spring gives me hope each year that summer really is coming (summer wins hands down in my book…and yes it is a competition for best season and there is one clear winner) and right now I need spring to come. But I’m clearly off topic from this super fun family below. Remember how I told you before that I live in the very best neighborhood (check my recent post here)? Well, the Anchan-Simha family agree completely with me because they have been our neighbors 5 doors down for 7 years and just recently purchased the house 3 doors down from us, so basically we’ll be even better neighbors on the exact same street! That’s some serious love for our neighborhood right there! You are welcome to tell me about your neighborhood love in the comments below (I will still claim mine is the best…only kidding…I hope you truly do love where you live…it is sanity to feel that way).

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