Covid puppies are a real thing. I know because I have one. Our dog of 17 1/2 years passed at the beginning of the pandemic. I would not have expected to get another puppy so soon, but being quarantined at home with 4 kids and every day feeling exactly the same…getting a puppy was a […]

I’ve said it before…but I really loved this photo series. Not only did it capture such a unique moment of time…quarantined at home, still not a lot of knowledge on the virus and how to protect ourselves from it, fear and anxiety about what we did not know. But there was joy to be found […]

A newborn front porch session??? Yes please! I’ll take any chance I can get to photograph your sweet new baby…especially during a pandemic! At this moment in time, we still didn’t even know yet the power of wearing masks, so I was completely grateful for this new family of 4 to trust me to keep my distance while safely capturing a few of their first moments home all together.

Moving during a pandemic…I know this happened to a lot of people. The Proctor family left their home in Greensboro for a new start in Charlotte and I was so glad when they reached out to me to have some of their last moments in their Greensboro home captured.

The Rodenbough family reached out to me early in the pandemic to capture them at home and I’m so very glad they did! I remember it was raining just minutes before I got there and then the sun peeked out and out walked these beautiful girls in hot pink and yellow and my day was […]

Pregnant mom’s during a pandemic…this has not been easy! I know so many expectant mothers have gone through whole pregnancies during this this past year without ever getting to see close friends and family.

So, I’m loving catching up on blogging from this past year, but OH MY GOODNESS…it’s getting me so emotional! Starting with the neighborhood front porch photography project was probably not the best choice for this big time crier over here

It’s been almost a year since quarantine began…I started this front porch photography project a few weeks into it all and the time spent visiting families outside at a distance was truly so life giving to me

What should I expect at our session? My goal is for you to have fun being yourself. When you are having fun that’s when the best photos happen. This is true for a family session, a senior session, headshots, and business photos too. I want to capture you at your very best. Laughter is my […]

This session brought me right back to the last days before my 2nd child was born. So very pregnant (and perhaps very done with being pregnant) and wanting to soak up every moment with your first born before it’s no longer just you and them. And feeling ALL the feelings of nervousness and excitement of […]