front porch photography – Martin family

Mar 5, 2021

Pregnant mom’s during a pandemic…this has not been easy! I know so many expectant mothers have gone through whole pregnancies during this this past year without ever getting to see close friends and family. One recent newborn shoot I was a part told me that she had just announced her pregnancy the week before everything shut down. Some of her co-workers never saw her pregnant belly as it was completely hidden on all zoom calls for the rest of the time. Being pregnant is hard enough…being pregnant while being worried about a super virus is probably more than I could have handled. Kim was already 6+ months pregnant when the pandemic began…she handled it way better than I ever would have. Great friends and neighbors of ours, we still were able to celebrate Martin baby #3 with zoom celebrations and outdoor visits. Nora made her appearance in late May bringing one of the brightest spots to 2020 for her family (and ours). And I can promise you Nora is still bringing all the joy to the neighborhood at nearly 10 months old. Loved looking back at this front porch session just before her arrival showing off their last days as a family of 4!

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