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Feb 22, 2021

So, I’m loving catching up on blogging from this past year, but OH MY GOODNESS…it’s getting me so emotional! Starting with the neighborhood front porch photography project was probably not the best choice for this big time crier over here (truly, I cry about anything and everything…happy/sad/angry/thoughtful…I’ll start crying with any emotion). I’m basically looking through a time capsule of my life from the past year with these photos. I’ve said a bazillion times already (yes I say bazillion just the way my kids do), but our neighbors are the primary reason we stayed sane this past year. There have been countless group texts, zoom calls, front yard (socially distanced) hangouts, outdoor movies for kids, fire pits to keep warm. It’s not as if it was all smiles and zoom hangouts, we have been there for one another through the fear of the unknown, through friends getting sick, through losing a loved one to this terrible tragedy…our friendships are stronger than ever because of this time and I do not take that for granted. McLeod’s, you know how much I love you all! And I’m sorry to say it (at the end of an already emotional post from me), but look how much Milly has grown this year!!!! I’m thinking we might just have to make this front porch thing a regular occurrence to help mark the years of life together.

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