This is Katie. She is a spouse, a mother, a therapist, and a true goddess. Spending a day with Katie is life giving. She is soulful and funny, intensely devoted to her family and to her therapy clients, a self-proclaimed thrift store gypsy who loves color and lives vivaciously into every aspect of her life. […]

My dear friend Lindsay was first in this personal project. When we were in the planning phase of this session, I had several ideas. But when we slowed it down and she spent time talking with her spouse about things she truly loves, a few ideas surfaced for a session that would be lovely and beautiful, […]

I love this family so much! Autumn is our preschool director and friend. She has a way to make everything look easy and make you feel good about your parenting and the path your child is on. After a year away from in person school, my youngest Bea entered back into preschool and with wide […]

A year of virtual school later…these kids and my kids have become even more important to one another. They are each others recess buddies and afternoon play partners. I wonder all the time how my kids will remember this year of their life. I know a big part of their memory will be their neighborhood […]

A newborn front porch session??? Yes please! I’ll take any chance I can get to photograph your sweet new baby…especially during a pandemic! At this moment in time, we still didn’t even know yet the power of wearing masks, so I was completely grateful for this new family of 4 to trust me to keep my distance while safely capturing a few of their first moments home all together.

Moving during a pandemic…I know this happened to a lot of people. The Proctor family left their home in Greensboro for a new start in Charlotte and I was so glad when they reached out to me to have some of their last moments in their Greensboro home captured.

The Rodenbough family reached out to me early in the pandemic to capture them at home and I’m so very glad they did! I remember it was raining just minutes before I got there and then the sun peeked out and out walked these beautiful girls in hot pink and yellow and my day was […]

Pregnant mom’s during a pandemic…this has not been easy! I know so many expectant mothers have gone through whole pregnancies during this this past year without ever getting to see close friends and family.

So, I’m loving catching up on blogging from this past year, but OH MY GOODNESS…it’s getting me so emotional! Starting with the neighborhood front porch photography project was probably not the best choice for this big time crier over here