This little project is definitely a gift to myself first…hoping it spreads a little love to you as well as we continue to do our part of staying at home to keep each other healthy during this pandemic. Thank you Tobey family for doing just that and for letting me walk by and take a […]

Social distancing is HARD!!!! We are all feeling the impact of not going to work, not hanging out with our friends, not having our independent space (or if you live alone, perhaps too much space). Our family is taking it day by day while we learn to do school at home (I can’t really call […]

This is what a family photo session looks like when one parent needs a family image for a magazine submission and the other parent operates an essential business and is quarantining away from his family in order to keep everyone healthy. These are strange and scary times, but seeing the creativity and love being spread […]

a daily summer…

Sep 16, 2019

As a fun challenge to myself, I started a daily photo project to document life this past summer with my family. Before my oldest was born, I had a camera with me every day and was always taking photos of life as it was happening. About the time my son turned one and started walking, […]

Boys will be…

Jun 25, 2019

After a year of starting this project (and then stopping it when I got too busy), I’m excited to share it with you. This shirt (that I’m sure you’ve seen from Free To Be Kids) is part of the inspiration (among many other things). It’s a photo series focusing on boys being themselves, doing things […]