front porch photography – Walker family

Feb 23, 2021

We all know how it works at this point…business on top, choose your favorite comfortable item on the bottom. I love how the Walker family embraced this moment and wanted to capture the reality of this time of social distancing and quarantine at their front porch session. As a business of 1 over here, I don’t have regularly scheduled zoom meetings and my other job is full time school manager of 4 kids doing virtual school, so I have just opted for comfort over anything else most days. Yoga pants and workout tops are the staple and I seriously wonder how I will ever opt for real clothes everyday ever again?!?!? My kids know this too well now (almost a year into quarantine) as proven when I put on jeans and a t-shirt for the day and my daughter exclaimed “Wow! You’re so dressed up!! Where are you going?” The answer was “downstairs” and I walked down realizing I may not be setting the best example on how to prepare ourselves for each day right now. Oh well…survival is still the name of the game and I am just doing my best like the rest of us to make each day happen for me and my crew. What’s been your go to look in quarantine? Do you still get dressed from head to toe in regular work gear, are you a hybrid for your virtual calls or have you totally given in like me and chosen the clothing option that allows you to both work/work out/play at any given point of the day? Many thanks to the Walker 3 (plus pup) for such a fun session almost a year ago…

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