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Mar 25, 2021

Feels like forever ago and yet just yesterday. A whole year of our world turning upside down because of a pandemic. This project absolutely brought me joy during such an uncertain time. Seeing faces I knew and faces I was just meeting for the first time…it was exactly what I needed.

I’ve seen a lot of people asking the question recently “what would you tell yourself a year ago knowing what you know now?” I honestly don’t have a great answer…for months I wouldn’t step foot in any store and when I did for the first several times I would BATHE in hand sanitizer (only mostly kidding)…and I’m not a germaphobe by nature so this was a big deal. I have 4 kids and almost never during my 11 years of parenting have I carried hand sanitizer around with me (maybe that makes me a gross mother?? Or maybe starting my parenting in NYC just made me realize that nothing is as dirty as a subway elevator and my toddlers were in those daily as I commuted through the city with a stroller…don’t worry I did in fact wash our hands!). Covid made me think otherwise about this. I wiped down all of our packages and groceries (that were initially being dropped off at my door step) with lysol wipes and I now kept bottles of hand sanitizer everywhere. In a year where the experts were constantly learning and then teaching us, it’s a hard to thing to look back and say what I would do differently. We just didn’t know what we didn’t know. And I think if you would have told me that it would be a year plus before things would start to return to normal, I probably would have freaked out (even more than I already was).

Many thanks to the McGough family for being a bright spot during such a scary and uncertain time! That sweet baby face and those toddler legs just did me in!!

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