My style is not focused on getting everyone to look straight at the's also not focused on making sure everyone is smiling just focus is on the connection that happens during our time together.

I want to create images that tell your story...that show off your family at the very best.

How do we that?? Lots of laughter, lots of hugs and kisses, lots of joy amidst the chaos of life together. When you look back at your images from each session throughout our years together,
I want you to remember...

the way their baby head smelled while they were sleeping on your chest,
the feeling of their squishy toddler cheeks and soft toddler hands,
the look of excitement in their too big selves getting ready for kindergarten,
the ways they looked both so grown and yet so little all at once during their tween years,
the feeling of watching their confidence soar and their personalities shine during their senior year as they await what's coming next for them...

This is the gift of photos...the ability to stop time and hold it still so that you can return to each moment again and again whenever you need to. I'm so grateful to be the one to do that for you.