the sweetest last days (Greensboro maternity photographer)

Mar 2, 2020

This session brought me right back to the last days before my 2nd child was born. So very pregnant (and perhaps very done with being pregnant) and wanting to soak up every moment with your first born before it’s no longer just you and them. And feeling ALL the feelings of nervousness and excitement of what’s to come. You’re more confident in the process (perhaps), but likely wondering more than anything what it will mean to have another child and how your first child will respond. Well, this sweet morning with Anna and Shep just days away before adding TWINS to their family had me feeling super sentimental and so excited for their soon to be family of 5. Anna is a good friend of mine and an incredibly talented photographer and Shep is about the cutest toddler ever, so everything about photographing them together was perfect for me. Shep is certainly not camera shy and was full of love and affection for that amazing mom of his. The only goal was to capture them doing life together (which for a toddler means snacking and playing pretty much all day) and I could not have loved this morning (or these photos) any more.

  1. June Pope says:

    I may be partial (because I’m Ben’s aunt) but these are some beautiful images of some pretty precious people. What a wonderful post you’ve written and given Anna some photos she might never have had otherwise. This is so special! Priceless! Thank you!

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