front porch photography – McCord family

May 6, 2021

Covid puppies are a real thing. I know because I have one. Our dog of 17 1/2 years passed at the beginning of the pandemic. I would not have expected to get another puppy so soon, but being quarantined at home with 4 kids and every day feeling exactly the same…getting a puppy was a way to make life feel a little more interesting. The McCords did the same thing. Except they got 2! This is Roxy…she was their first covid puppy (the 2nd came after we did our front porch session together). I personally don’t think there’s ever a right time to get a puppy…and I think both the McCord family and ours would tell you that our covid puppies surely did make those early months of quarantine a whole lot more fun and loving. However, choose wisely…our covid puppy is now 90+ pounds and we hope he’s done growing?? Roxy however looks exactly the same as she does here.

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