50 before 50 – meet Katie

Jan 23, 2024

This is Katie. She is a spouse, a mother, a therapist, and a true goddess.

Spending a day with Katie is life giving. She is soulful and funny, intensely devoted to her family and to her therapy clients, a self-proclaimed thrift store gypsy who loves color and lives vivaciously into every aspect of her life. Her thoughtfulness and intentionality towards life is inspiring.

While we were planning for this session I asked what her favorite color is, she answered so honestly…”Red/orange- Historically, women have been deterred from being bold in their clothing choices. There can be concern – or even shame – attached to calling attention to oneself. Growing up a Southern debutante I felt culturally encouraged to blend in. When I wear bright colors I’m saying ‘I’m here, and I’m awfully loud.’” And well…this sort of became the theme for our session.

An over the top orange flowing gown…a glamorous hair and make up session…a mountain stream in the heart of a town that means so much to her…connection and conversation to selfishly fill up my own heart…and gorgeous images of this goddess to forever disprove her statement to me that she may not be right for this project because she is “truly awkward in photos” (clearly we all know this is not true).

I admit…I’m afraid to stop posting photos from this day because just like my family sessions where I get to help transport people back to the feeling of when your baby was all brand new or your toddler had the most squishy cheeks and lips or your independent 5 year old showed off all of their favorite jumps and tricks and incessantly carried around their favorite lovey or your senior shared their boldness and confidence and personal flair for what lies ahead…this 50 before 50 session came at the most perfect time for me and has brought out all the feelings. The start of a new year, the chance to prove to myself once again that I am capable and enough, the opportunity to set new goals and let go of old expectations, the gift of spending time with a soulful individual and timely conversation…I’m so grateful to get to return to these images again and again and remember the feeling of growing as a human because of connection with someone else, some place else…thank you for being a part of this series with me. 

***This is an ongoing series, one that I intend to age right alongside of. I plan to photograph my 50th woman right before my 50th birthday (that’s 8 years from now). I would love for you to be a part of this decade with me. (Click the link here to let me know if you are interested.)***



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