50 before 50 – meet Lindsay

Sep 5, 2023

My dear friend Lindsay was first in this personal project. When we were in the planning phase of this session, I had several ideas. But when we slowed it down and she spent time talking with her spouse about things she truly loves, a few ideas surfaced for a session that would be lovely and beautiful, while creating opportunity for images that show off Lindsay being herself. She is a creative professional and loves her work. She loves baking in her spare time. She loves books and is a master at self care (bubble baths are included in that routine often). So what to do but capture all of those things in one session?!

And well…I’m just so in love. Cake, books, champagne, bubble baths…all together at once and I could not have been happier. Wherever Lindsay goes, she’s all in. She is fully present with her family, her friends or herself. She’s funny, authentic, and makes sure to always stay one fashion step ahead of you. She brings out the best in you. Lindsay, you are a goddess and I will never stop thanking you for setting the standard for this project.

This is an ongoing series, one that I intend to age right alongside of. I plan to photograph my 50th woman right before my 50th birthday (that’s 8 years from now). I would love for you to be a part of this decade with me. (Click the link here to let me know if you are interested.)



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