50 before 50 – a personal project

Sep 5, 2023

I have always loved the process of aging and have never shied away from it. Turning 20 felt like a dream, turning 30 felt like I was a full fledged adult who understood the world better, turning 40 felt as though I finally understood myself in a way I never knew was possible. But so much can and will change in these next 10 years and I want to be a part of and celebrate it with strong and creative and soulful women who are willing to share their story and time with me…

The goal? To photograph 50 women aged 40-50 before I myself turn 50. To celebrate this decade of life (our 40’s) together. 

To those of us who are mothers, we have likely said goodbye or are close to saying goodbye to the newborn phase of life…to being pregnant and giving birth and raising tiny humans who need us 24/7. We have teenagers now or possibly early adult children who still need us, but in a whole new way that requires us to be their ultimate support all while trusting them to navigate this big world around them. Our jobs are changing. Perhaps we took some time off when our children were small because the cost of childcare and the constant pressure of work/life balance proved too much. Maybe we are excelling at our career and looking for that next big step or big promotion. Maybe we’ve reached the peak of our career. Maybe we’re taking a step back. Our bodies are changing. The female body that seems to never rest is now faced with a whole new world of change and we are at the beginning or middle of this new way of living within ourselves. This decade of life is full of change and opportunity and I want to be there to celebrate it with you. I want to show you how lovely you are, how beautiful you are, how celebrated you should be. I want to share what you love and document that in photos. To tell your story. And I want to let your images inspire confidence and love and laughter in you and in others.

Are you interested in being a part? Fill out the questionnaire here and I’ll be in touch. Thank you for considering sharing your time with me!

**To see more of Lindsay and the first participant in this series, click here…I will never not be in love with this set of photos!!**



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