and then there were 3…(Greensboro Family Photographer)

Oct 21, 2019

New babies…new siblings…growing families…this is what I love about my job. Getting to share in these moments of “growing” with you and capturing the details of each stage is simply the best…and I don’t take it for granted. Sweet Thomas is baby #3 in the Pugh house and he sure did make for some fun photos with his 2 older siblings. “A baby changes everything”…something any expecting or new parent has heard a million times already…but a phrase that means something totally different with each addition to the family. One more sibling in the mix, someone new to learn to do life with, someone to share and argue with, someone else to learn to depend on and be depended on by, someone else to stir things up and (hopefully) help calm things down, someone else who gets to watch you grow up and know exactly what each phase of your life looked like (even if they didn’t always get it), a forever part of your life that can be duplicated by no one else. As a mom of 4, I know it’s not always easy and picture perfect, but when it is…even for just those few moments…it’s magic and love and everything you dreamed of happening right before your eyes.

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