Margaux’s 3 month session (Greensboro Family Photographer)

Jun 5, 2019

3 whole months of Marguax in the world…isn’t she just adorable?!?! I feel pretty lucky because I’m going to get to watch her grow up with my kids. You can regularly find my 6 year old daughter Della holding Margaux and hoisting her on her hip (you know how kids hold babies right…top half of their body practically bent over to balance the baby who may be half their size on them). Thankfully Margaux (who has grown since I took these photos) loves Della (and most people really) and shows off her beautiful smile and perfect little wave to those who come near and pay attention to her. (I’m also a pretty big fan of her parents Chris and Tory too.) Love every chance I get to spend with you Margaux!



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