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I've been photographing Margot every year since she was 3. She remembers everything about our sessions. At her 4 year old session, she brought me a picture she drew of ladybugs because at the very end of our last shoot we found a bench covered in ladybugs. This year she turned 5 and entered kindergarten. On the day of her official school photos, she turned to the school photographer and said "I have my own photographer...Jenny." By far, my favorite compliment to date.

I love doing what I do because of stories just like Margot's. Yes, I get to take some pretty fantastic photos, but I also get to enter into a family's life. For some, I'm there before the baby is even born taking maternity photos and seeing the anticipation of what's ahead. And then I get to meet their sweet little face before they're even 2 weeks old. A journey of the first year of life is one of the highlight's of my job. And then, the child gets older and our visits span in length, but I'm still there to see the changes from year to year. And it's not just the changes in the child, but in the family as well because as the child grows so does it's family. Every year brings a new excitement for me to see (and hear) all that is going on in a family's life. I am blessed with some amazing families too. I do not take this for granted. I feel honored to be able to document these moments with you!

Aside from my job as photographer, I am a wife to Alan (love of my life for over 16 years now- yes, we were babies in college when we met) and mom to Jack, Della and Warner...the 3 most amazing kids in the world! We have called Greensboro, NC home for 2 years now, most recently from NYC, but Floridians at heart. Sometimes my life feels magical and others just plain and ordinary, but I wouldn't change a thing.

I hope you enjoy looking around here on my site! Please contact me if you have any questions at all. I hope to be able to meet you soon!

**family photo by Anna Paschall Photography**